5-day Journey at INDAGRA 2023

5-day Journey at INDAGRA 2023

Our 5-day journey at expo INDAGRA 2023 has come to a close.

It was a pleasure to visit Bucharest, Romania, and being at the heart of agricultural innovation and technology. ProFruit, in collaboration with our Romanian partner, Stelas Consulting, played a significant part of this exposition. Throughout the expo, our stand has been a busy point for showcasing fruit, vegetable and berry processing machinery.

Our expertise in manufacturing our machinery has allowed us to present efficient equipment that not only captivated expo visitors but also resulted in the honor of making a few sales. Also this event provided a valuable platform for connecting with enthusiasts who share the passion for innovative solutions.

As our participation in INDAGRA 2023 concludes, we are already planning to return to this event next year, further expanding our commitment to machinery innovation. We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our stand and made this event a great success.

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